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Great reading and analysis! Pretty spot on!

Progeny Notes

Fantastic its so accurate cheers - Suresh Raturi. Its really amazing - sree narayana prakash. D10 Career report with 2 year scan is very helpful and thorough. Seems to be pretty good analysis - sreedhar. It's the best astrology app and website that I have ever watched upon!

Thanks to guruji! I am satisfied with the astrological calculation and reading - Saurav Debnath. I think its excellent. Thank you for this one. I find this report to be precise and helpful. I am Very much satisfied with the report. Thank you Indianastrology Yes,ultimate truth. Thanks Indianastrology - Srinivas. Nearly 90 percent is true about me - Zainabul. The forecasting is very close to my personality and attitude. My appreciation to you, Indianastrology Yes, I had been able to take up a new job in Energy Sector.

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The company is recognising my work well here. Thanks for advice of changing Industry during the web chat session. I took it seriously and it worked. Please convey my gratitude to Pt. Onkar Nath.


Jupiter is significator of child, progeny. Moon and Mars indicates menstruation, Period cycle in female horoscope. If 5th house and lord of the 5th house placed in placed with benefic planet indicates favourable chances for getting child. If 5th house or lord of the 5th house are placed with malefic planet, which is not good or there may be delay in childbirth.

Influence of malefic on 5th house house of child indicates delay in child birth. If Jupiter significator of child is become week or is placed with malefic planet like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or placed in malefic house 6th house, 8th house, 12th house , which may create problems for childbirth. If Ketu is placed with 5th house or lord of the 5th house, it may create problems related to conception, small size of uterus or childbirth. Sometimes, Ketu causes miscarriage. Similarly, Rahu and Saturn are also creating problems if both or any one is placed with 5th house or lord of the 5th house.

For childbirth, Mercury and Saturn are perceived as frigid planets or people having either of this planet in 5th house or with lord of the 5th house are not showing interest for childbirth in cosmopolitan cities or these both planets are also known as Barren planets, therefore, Mercury and Saturn in 5th house or with lord of the 5th house, would not give good result for childbirth or progeny. If Venus is combust combust means Ashton or Venus and sun is placed in tight orbs in conjunction aspects in the horoscope indicates low semen count in male because Venus signifies fertility and semen.

If Moon and Mars are placed with Rahu or Ketu in female chart, this planetary combination showing problems related to menstruation, problem related to overy overy means one of a pair of reproductive glands of woman Period cycle or sometimes pain in abdomen is also shown.

Hubbys , 3rd apr 72,night around 10 , Kumbakonam. Hi my name is A.

Viji and I have been married for 5years. My husbandname is S. My DOB is 10 nov , am, Jodhpur. Can i conceive. My Name is Vijay Pangam born in Mumbai on am. I Love one girl and we want to get marry. Her name is Aarti Kamble and her birth date is 2 I my kundali it is written that I have Virya, Santati dosh. Please reply me whether I can have children with this marriage.

Your Child is your future

Because in her kundli it is written 2 childs. As the article says ,Rahu in 5 in rasi but in any navamsa other than saturn gives progeny.

Dear Sir, I would like to know about my progeny astrology. Kindly shed light on this. B: 10May T.

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  6. B:9th April P. B:Hyderabad T. Bhrs 8;05 AM Regards, Anand. I would like to knw abt my progeny astrology: My birth details are: D. B — 1st may T. B — New delhi,india. B — dhraghandhra, Gujrat, India.

    Planets and Children -

    My Name is Manjula and i got married 5 yrs ago, and had 2 Mis-carriage. Please inform me when we will blessed with kids. My Husband DOB — I would like to knw abt my progeny astrology: My birth details are: Smita D. B — 19 march T. B — Mumbai ,india. B — 15 may T. Please find the below details and let me know the horoscope. My parents are looking for marriage to me. My birthtime is I just want to know how many children can I have? Sorry, the email address was wrong the first time, hence duplicating the question.

    My Birth date: October 27, Wife birth date: July 23, Chennai and time is am. Chennai, Time: p. Could you please tell us when we will be blessed with a 2nd baby?

    What Progeny report is?

    We are trying for child since 2 years. Please could you tell us when will we be blessed with a baby? Namastey, I would like to know when and how soon will I conceive. Is ther any hope by the end of ??

    Please help. My husband details: Date: 15 august, Place: hyderabad, India Time: am. I was born on 6th October at in Athens, Greece. I would like to know if I will have a second child. I would like to know about progeny prospective, how many will i have n when will i conceive.

    MY DOB is nov2, gujrat pakistan. Hi I like to know when i will conceive. And how many children wil have. My dob at 4. My Dob 15 Sept , 7. My dob,time 8. My dob,time Hi, I wanted to know, whether this year, is there any chance of having a child this year? Kindly let me know about it. My DOB is 11 october at 5. Our marriage date is 24 june When will we have our first child?

    Pls let me knw when will I conceive. When will we have child? Janvi, Dob 18 aug , Dop. Bhatinda, time. Boy or girl. My dob is His dob is Marriage date is When will I have my first baby. Can I become a mother of male child? I have an motive that astrology should be respectable, scientific and simple. It should be a useful tool in guiding the individuals which can lead them towards the right direction and get better returns for their efforts. My name is Ravneet Grewal female born December 24, time am in morning in Ludhiana, Punjab when will I get married and when will I have children???