Pregnancy transits in astrology

Jupiter was going back and forth over my natal Ascendant!

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Jupiter growing in size Asc. Oh and progressed Venus was conjunct natal Ascendant. Venus ruler of natal 9th and 2nd she is a Sag. Pluto square Pluto T. Neptune conjunct Moon 3 degrees past and trine Mercury chart ruler and MC. My son was conceived on his father's birthday and my daughter was conceived on her brother's birthday. Transits with my oldest my son, planned and it took almost a year : tMars conjunct near exact my natal Sun tSun conjunct to my natal Mars tPluto conjunct to my natal Moon tChiron conjuct to natal Neptune tMoon conjunct natal Chiron no activity in my 5th natally or by transit retrograde tUranus and tNeptune in my sixth house retrograde tJupiter and tSaturn in my tenth house I have no idea if those retrograde planets have anything to do with it, but there were 4 biggies gone retrograde at the time.

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However, I do remember the night I actually expelled for lack of a better word because it was my 21st birthday. It's also happening again right now. I have a question though. Would one look at a composite and the transits to the composite for fertility aspects?

Pregnancy transits in astrology what does pluto

There were other transits occurring but these are the ones I thought may be relevant and these are all very close orbs I didn't pay much attention to transits at the time. Child 1- T uranus conjunct sun T pluto in 5th T sun, chiron and neptune conjunct n Venus Packed 7th house with t sun, chiron, neptune, Jupiter, mars and nn. Child 2- T sun on ic T sun conjunct uranus T sun conjunct nn T saturn conjunct n pluto in 2nd Pluto, nn and moon in 5th, nearing the end. With our assets, presence and support on the physical plane and with Love and Understanding on the emotional plane.

If we can do this for our child, right from its conception, we would have successfully completed our debt to the society by raising a responsible, well-adjusted individual, an asset to the society. Women abort for several reasons, no time for child , conceived by mistake, career concerns, or family insistent for a male child only, several reasons including medical reasons.

All this drama and eventual tragedy of the actual abortion directly connects with the horoscope. Lets first check out the factors which influence conception and the eventual birth of a child. If there are malefic influences in these houses then there are chances of problems related to conception , pregnancy, delivery, health of the mother or child.

There would be then the medical complications which lead to medical termination of pregnancy etc. This is a slightly different scene as already there are malefics affecting reproduction and there is a built-in bias for complications. Here the remedies need to be taken up before attempting to conceive. In this post I am discussing the wilful and intentional abortion where a healthy mother aborts a healthy fetus.

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So when the woman conceives a normal child she is expected to birth it and nurture it, she is a mother. She has utilised the forces of creation given to her. The man is also now a father and his duty is to support the mother and his child as he is able. You become a father or a mother at the instant of conception.

The newly conceived one-celled baby is a conscious living separate person. If you see the aura of a pregnant woman, frankly I wish everyone learns to see auras it brings in a whole new perspective. Well, in the aura of a pregnant woman you can clearly see 2 different energies, right from the start. The baby knows and is aware of his gestation and is completely aware during its eventual birth. It is a very difficult and traumatic process, building your body in the the womb and getting born. Again, if you can sense energies, you can see the spirit body of the new baby-to-come waiting around the parents-to-be even before they conceive.

In this case the couple will find it difficult to have a child in the future unless there are benefic planets covering them. So back to intentional abortion, the baby-soul is conscious and aware of what is happening to his mother and his fetus-body. You can hide your emotions from your face, but nothing can be hidden from the aura. Even if you lie the color of the aura changes. So nothing about the mother is hidden from the baby-soul. This is the reason we ask expecting mothers to listen to uplifting music, meditate, think happy thoughts etc. During this period of pregnancy 2 more Sanskar rituals, Pumsvan and Seemantonayan, are done to fortify the energy body of the baby-soul and the mother.

It is because this a highly vulnerable period for both and also both are highly receptive to energy.

How to Predict with Transits – Astrology Tutorial

So we surround them with positive energies. Now if the healthy mother decides to abort the healthy fetus for whatever reason, the trauma to both is immense. First about the baby-soul. The baby-soul suffers the trauma of having the body removed from the mother and its death. Back to Uranus transiting into the 7 th house. Even if we are in a happy relationship, we still have our own paths to follow.

How successfully have we balanced the compromising realities of partnership with fidelity to our own journey and our own natures? That is a knotty question. Naturally we all make mistakes. In relationship, we might compromise too much, sometimes without even knowing we are doing it. Uranus hits her hard. Maybe she blows up — abandons the marriage, has an affair, moves to South America under an assumed name. Spectacular stuff! And the fortune-telling astrologer is of course delighted by the accuracy of his over-the-top prediction. More likely, given her demonstratively passive nature, she experiences the transit internally, but in a dark way.

She gives up. She withdraws further into dissociation. She chooses to become a zombie in her own life. The underlying concept here is that she badly needed this Uranus transit. And it was huge — in one scenario, she divorced.

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In that case, the necessary Uranian corrections were far smaller and the evolutionary necessity simply less charged. Two wise humans simply make room for more individuality in their partnership. They are both happier and they love each other more for it. Most modern astrologers shudder at the thought of trying to practice our craft without any knowledge of Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. In parallel fashion, I often think of the plight of our astrological forebears in ancient Greece, Egypt or China, working before the invention of the clock.

How could they do astrology properly with only a vague sense of the time? I shake my head as I think of all the readings I did for people born with the Moon Out of Bounds without my knowing it, understanding it, or mentioning it. The list goes on. The point is, I am sure there is an undiscovered list of astrological techniques and factors out there lurking in the future, waiting for unborn astrologers to come along and find them. The system has always been — and probably always will be — a work in progress.

For our purposes in this little essay, my next thoughts provide a twist on the main subject. What we have been exploring is what is going on when a known transit or progression seems to fail. Any honest astrologer will acknowledge this reality. When it happens, is there some exotic force at play — an undiscovered planet, for example? That is undoubtedly true sometimes. How could it be otherwise? That there are undiscovered planets is a virtual certainly — and, ditto, that they have astrological meaning.

Now for a little bit of lead in our shoes.

Natal Planets

When astrology fails, have we just not looked hard enough at what was before our eyes in the chart? Our present arsenal of astrological techniques is certainly incomplete, but it is already quite vast and impressively powerful — and it requires considerable effort to rise to a high level of skill in this craft.

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