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Money you thought was spare may be needed elsewhere, so try not to spend for the sake of it or you will regret it. You start to become closer to those you have only known on a very casual basis.


Life is starting to take on a really contented form and those who know you well may even comment on this fact. None of us really know what is going on in other people's lives and, believe me, with the current line up there is going to be plenty. Try to show support today please Virgo and listen when others speak. I know you have plans, but first you have to tie up all that you will be leaving behind.

You're moving in different circles now and you may find it irritating to return the calls of those you no longer want to spend time with. Things you say can't be taken back, so think before you speak. Recent events prove you are not afraid to jump in at the deep end. However, they also prove that you don't always think before you act.

Try to use your time today to clear up the several messes you created for yourself in the last five days.

Others are willing to accept any apologies you may have to offer. Show the people in your life today that they really matter. A very private side to your nature you have been exhibiting in recent days has made those you love feel left out. There are really fun times ahead if you would just work on letting down some of those defences.

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A mistake you have made will actually turn out to be to your advantage. Just remember to slow your pace when dealing with the older generation, who are unlikely to be up to speed with all you are planning. People you invite into your home right now and those you don't say a lot about who you now trust.

Your heart seems to be far more open and ready for adventure than it was at the beginning of the year my friend. Fun times link to you saying yes to the unexpected.

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You start to see with ease what and who makes you happy and you no longer worry about how things look, but you think instead about how they feel. By having patience, you will make a really positive difference to how you enter the month of February.

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